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1. Curly Natural - in first lesson, Nichitean will show you how to create a combination between a curly hair on top and a clear taper fade for side and back. This tutorial will help you to understand the techniques behind a great natural look.

2. Quiff Mid Length - second lesson is teach by Cosmin Campean and he will help you to understand how to use over direction with a stationary guide (2-1, 3-1, 4-1) to create a triangle shape. Combinated with a Drop Fade, this haircut is outstanding and is very used on stage models and social media photos.

3. Crop Maximum Movement - in third lesson you will find Sergey Maokveeyev explaining a complex technique that will help you to create movement for your haircuts. Divided in 4 tutorials, Sergey will show you how to exactly execute the haircut for every area once using only shears.

4. Soft Elongated - fourth lesson is teach by Anton Marchenko and he's teaching a diagonal sections technique that will help you understand how graduation works. Build with triangle layers on top side, this haircut is very versatile by having a longer length for the fringe, fact that offers verities styling methods.

5. Natural Mid Length - for the last lesson, Jhiro Chez is execute an haircut with a medium long shape. In this tutorial you will learn how to use sections to complete a full shears haircut, obtain natural outlines and fringe volume


This Masterclass is recommended for advanced barbers.

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