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Josh Lamonaca is the founder of MENSPIRE which is probably the biggest modern barbering salon brand in the world. With more that 15 location such United Kingdom, United States, Jordan, Spain, Italy - the MENSPIRE vision is followed by many barbers from all around the globe.

Josh Lamonaca is one of the greatest minds in our industry. He is the first that took the techniques from hairdressing and combined them with barbering techniques, creating a new version for modern barbering.

He consider the imagination our greatest tool, and he explain in this masterclass why everyone should use it and how.

In the practical side of this course, he's presenting a Creative '90s Pop look. Based on shears work, he explain how to use basic geometry to create the nice and natural shapes.

At the end of the course he is presenting a collection of 5 different models which represents his distinct style.