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Learn the most asked fades in 2021.

  • Skin Fade

  • Taper Fade

  • Drop Fade 


Discover the complexity of Fade Like a Pro Masterclass.

This 5 lessons will help you to improve your fades, gain efficiency and clipper control.


Welcome to the Classic Side of Barbering Industry.

Learn how to execute the most famous hairstyles of '90s:

- Pompadour, Comb Over, Slick Back -



  • How to use the basic shears techniques.

  • Understand Graduation.

  • How to maintain a good balance.

  • How to create a disconnection (Side - Part).

  • 3 types of fades: Light Taper, Aggressive Taper, Low Skin Fade.


Meet the new era of Barbering here with Evolution Masterclass

Learn how to execute the most asked Modern Haircuts:

- Natural Curly, Quiff, Crop, Elongated -


Improve your knowledges about Modern Hairstyles with this 5 lessons.

In this masterclass you will discover how to:

  • Obtain balance.

  • Control the sections.

  • Use finger razor.

  • Correctly use Guide Sections.

  • Create a clear outline with shears.

  • Use Over Direction & Graduation.

  • 2 types of fade: Taper, Drop


Level up your Beard Skills with this Masterclass.

Discover the techniques behind the best beard styles.


This 2 lesson will help you to improve the trimmer and razor control plus will give you a better understanding of what colour enhancement is made.


In this masterclass you will learn:

  • How to correctly build a shape for beards

  • How to create a perfect outline

  • How to use semi-permanent colour to create a natural contour.


Do you wanna be recognised?

Then add something for your haircuts. Be creative!


Stand Out - Creative Masterclass will help you unlock your potential with the simple hair design examples that can be done from you. Remember, you can do anything you want and feel when we talking about art.


This 2 lessons will help you to join on the creative side of this industry.


In this masterclass you will discover:

  • How to create a design blueprint.

  • How to use enhancement colours to improve your designs.


Do you know that you can pay Facebook and Instagram to bring you new clients? 

How?.. You can select your town area and share your works only for people that looking to find a barber. Yes, you can do that!

In this mini course you will learn how to prepare your account to be able to create paid advertising. Also you will get some value tips that will help you to create your first campaigns for:

  • More clients - Local Advertising

  • Grow your image - International targeted barber


Since 2019, in the barber tools case appeared a new instrument - The professional photo camera.

In the beginning this thing opened a very controversial dispute between the barbers that started used it and the ones that have been against it.

In our days there is no more doubt that if you want to get your works to the next level you need to know how to use the camera and to have basic knowledge in portrait photography.

This is an extremely important way to promote yourself and put your work in front of you clients.

By understanding the photo camera you will be able to take professional photos for your haircuts, thing that will definitely help you to grow your clients list and grow your image.

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